Javier Burillo Azarraga is a strong advocate of the neurodiverse community through his non-profit Grant’s Crusade Foundation.


The Remarkable Work of Javier Burillo Azcarraga's Foundation for Children"

Grant’s Crusade is a non-profit organization bringing awareness and acceptance of the neurodiverse community by empowering others to become more accepting and sensitive to people’s differences, strengths, and individuality.

Neurodiversity describes how brain differences are normal rather than deficits. It includes people on the autism spectrum, ADHD, learning disabilities, and speech disorders.

The Foundation started in honor of Javier Burillo Azcarraga’s son Grant who was neurodiverse. Now, in Grant’s memory and through the Foundation, he and his family want to bring that same opportunity to other neurodiverse children in great need. 

 “ As a father, I struggled to find the right school, support system, and diagnosis, and I often found myself navigating a revolving door of schools, diagnosis, and labels,» said Javier Burillo Azcarraga, Chairman of Grant’s Crusade.

Grant was full of life, talents, and strengths, so through trial and error, Burillo Azcarraga discovered things he could do to help build his son’s self-confidence and self-esteem. These included things that highlighted his strengths allowing him to become a successful and independent young man.

 Through a strong partnership with other already established nonprofits, Grant’s Crusade is empowering and supporting neurodiverse children by giving them access to opportunities that will transform their lives for the better.

These organizations identify neurodiverse children in need, and Grant’s Crusade works to provide the necessary funds to make sure that the neurodiverse children identified can receive life-changing opportunities to empower and transform their lives.

These life-changing opportunities include access to internationally certified service dogs, therapeutic horseback riding, and access to early education.

“We believe that when you nurture and support people, they not only become more motivated to achieve excellence, but it empowers and transforms their belief system,” said Burillo Azcarraga, Founder and Chairman of Grant’s Crusade.

That is why Grant’s Crusade pledges to become a solid and positive fighting force to bring awareness and is committed to improving the lives of the neurodiverse community and their families. Grant’s Crusade believes all children deserve to find their voice and should be supported and encouraged to find their strength and passion.